What’s it like working for PageGroup?

There’s a very energetic and open working atmosphere in which successes are immediately celebrated, everyone stands ready to help one another and you can be yourself. Our teams work together well and form the heart of the organisation.

What do people like most about the work?

There’s no better feeling than when you place a candidate in a new position and make your client happy with the service you’ve provided. You are rewarded for the successes you achieve individually or as part of a team. Apart from this, all our employees are proud to work for such a well-known and highly regarded organisation as PageGroup.

Does working as a recruitment consultant give job satisfaction?

Selecting the best candidates for our clients’ vacancies and securing the best possible contracts for our candidates is a tremendous challenge. Satisfied clients and candidates are among the finest rewards for consultants. We help people to change their lives.

Is recruitment consultant a sales-oriented function?

Yes, it involves “B2B” (business-to-business) sales, with quality being a prime consideration.

How will my performance be measured, and how often will it be evaluated?

Our success is the natural consequence of the right activities in combination with the right conduct. We measure performance mainly by reference to output. At PageGroup everyone has objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators) depending on the sector they work in. For conduct too there is a framework to help you define your strengths and points for improvement. Annual and semi-annual evaluations provide you with the opportunity of discussing your possibilities for the future among other things, as regards both career and personal development.

What kind of training do I get in the first few months?

For your first month with PageGroup you will follow our induction training. In the subsequent months you will take part in follow-up training sessions, including our renowned “sales academies” and external sessions.

In parallel with this you will have individual coaching sessions with your manager, which will give you practical guidance and monitor your development.

You will take part in various workshops on the recruitment and marketing skills that are most important in your particular sector.

How does the selection process work?

You will have personal selection interviews with the local management team. You will also be asked to take a short online personality test and to spend a few hours with us in the office. There you will get to know the team and learn through role-play and exercises what exactly the task of a recruitment consultant involves. Finally there is a conversation with the Managing Director.

What happens after the test or the application interview?

We contact you to go over the results with you and give you some feedback on your performance and possible points for development.

Why PageGroup?

If you come and work for us, you’ll be with the best names in the sector: Page Personnel, Michael Page and Page Executive. You’ll find yourself in an environment in which you are both able and allowed to be yourself. You set out your own success and career path.

Additionally, PageGroup offers the best remuneration, training, support and opportunities for development worldwide.