Are you paying enough to attract and retain top talent in 2024?

Explore the Netherlands’ current Salary Guide to uncover the most sought-after profiles, in-demand key skills, and stay informed about upcoming market trends and the latest salaries.

Looking to evaluate your salary level? Or enhance your ability to attract and retain top talent? To secure top talent ahead of your competitors, it's crucial to strategically navigate the hiring process. Gain essential insights for making irresistible offers with our new Salary Guide, ensuring success every time. Tailored for the Dutch market in 2024, this guide compiles up-to-date salary benchmarks and captures the latest recruitment trends across? sectors, empowering you to achieve your market objectives.

Discover all the essential information about salaries and job market trends in 2024.

A salary benchmark per function and position

Discover a comprehensive overview of average salaries for many support, professional clerical, and junior management roles. With more than 70+ across 5 sectors you'll have a clear understanding of the landscape when extending your next offer for a crucial role.

The latest market trends per sector

The most sought-after positions, in-demand skills and latest market trends by our recruitment consultants.

Unpublished data from our exclusive studies

Explore the insights gathered from extensive surveys of Dutch employees in our Salary Guide, where we delve into their perspectives on remote working, wellness, and benefits. Gain a closer look at the latest job expectations, highlighting the significance of sustainability in attracting and retaining top talent.

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