Page Personnel specializes in recruitment and selection of candidates at clerical and support levels. Whether you are looking for a marketing or sales officer, a logistics planner, an IT support engineer or a management assistant, we offer professional recruitment and selection services. We use recruitment consultants that specialize in recruiting for one specific sector. As a result, they know exactly which skills and knowhow are required for a certain position and are able to estimate which professionals are suitable for which job vacancy.

Recruitment and selection of candidates

Page Personnel has an extensive database of professionals for the various disciplines we provide recruitment and selection services for. Our specialized recruitment teams have carefully selected these candidates. Because our recruiters either have practical experience in the sector that they recruit for or can build on their experience with recruitment and selection within this field, they are able to determine what knowledge and skills a candidate has and can figure whether a candidate is suitable for a specific job offer.

To recruit suitable candidates we can also assist with posting job advertisements. As a leading recruitment agency, we know exactly what the advertisement should look like and where to publish it for the desired result. This way you can be assured that the candidates that respond to the advertisement are the ones you are looking for.

Knowledge about the industry

At Page Personnel we know how we can find candidates that meet your expectations. In a personal interview with the employer, we determine what kind of position is available and what knowledge, skills and experience are required for the job. Our specialized consultants then search for candidates that meet all requirements.

Candidates that fit in your organization

The best candidate is not just the one that just has the right qualifications, but also someone who fits within the organization. When recruiting candidates, we not only look at the CV, but we also try to estimate whether the candidate's personality fits within the corporate culture of your organization.

Screening and assessment

We always conduct extensive interview sessions to find out whether a candidate possesses the right competences. Using structured interview techniques, we investigate whether the candidate meets the job requirements. Of course, all references are carefully checked and we can conduct assessments if necessary.

Shortlisting candidates

After a careful recruitment procedure, we compile a shortlist of suitable candidates. As a client, you can therefore choose from several professionals who all have the right qualifications, experience, training and ambitions.

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Are you looking for clerical or support professionals? Page Personnel strengthens your organization with candidates that have the right competences and characteristics. Tell us more about the available position and a specialized recruitment consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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