The Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB) is into effect since January 2020. This has a direct impact on you as an employer or employee  What are the consequences for you as an employer, for example, for the payment of contributions? And what new rights will you now have as an on-call worker or payroll employee? 

To answer the most important questions we´ve created a guide in which we explain clearly and concisely what has changed with the WAB. If you would like some more advice, our team is, of course, on hand to assist you.

The guide covers the following topics:

1. On-call workers

On-call workers get greater certainty about what they earn and when they have to work.

2. Payroll employees

Payroll employees receive the same terms and conditions of employment and legal position as members of staff employed by the client/principal, excluding pension. In 2021, they will alsobe entitled to an adequate pension scheme.

3. Dismissal law

It must be possible to dissolve employment agreements more easily in certain cases. Employees will always receive a transition allowance in the event of involuntary termination of contract.

4. Temporary contracts

The duration of temporary contracts may be extended.

5. Unemployment insurance contribution

The employer pays a lower unemployment insurance contribution for fixed contracts versus flexible contracts

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