When “normal” HR practices are constantly being redefined, how can hiring managers stay ahead of the curve? Based on the observations of our consultants, this guide provides an overview of how HR management is changing in the next normal – and what you can do to best grow and support your workforce.

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There’s no turning back the clock: the abrupt digitalisation of the workplace has transformed – and continues to transform – HR management. How can hiring managers best prepare themselves for today’s post-pandemic world and tomorrow’s unpredictable future?

More than ever, agility is essential to recruiting and retaining talent. Organisations need to embrace flexible practices in order to keep up with the rising number of candidates who demand them: according to our recent survey, 83.6% of employees believe they can fulfil their roles by working fully or partially remotely. 

At the same time, the success of remote and hybrid workplaces depends on finding talent with the right skills and fostering an inclusive company culture. HR departments must lead the way in charting these new waters.

In this e-book you can find information on:

•    How to attract and retain candidates 
•    Strategies to keep your workforce motivated and reduce burnout 
•    Essential skills your teams need to thrive, not just survive
•    The best practices to boost remote work productivity
•    Why setting boundaries is key to establishing a flexible workplace that works
•    How to build an inclusive company culture in a hybrid environment

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