In the Netherlands, up to 73% of job applicants expect to gain more skills during their job. Here are 4 of our top picks for apps that help improve your productivity and get you in the mood to excel.

1. Headspace (iOS, Android; Free, in-app purchases)

True happiness lives inside all of us, but sometimes it takes the right tools and support to pull us out of our daily stresses. Headspace is a brilliant app that reminds us how and why to be happy, no matter where we are. Here’s the schooling you didn’t get in college – free courses on topics like gratitude, self-confidence, health, and more. 

The bottom line: whether at home or at work, Headspace will help you to see the positive.

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2. Pocket (iOS, Android; Free, in-app purchases)

Pocket is for anyone who loves the Internet but doesn’t love distractions. For every article you have open in your 25 tabs to “view later”, this app will save and make them available to you offline in one space. Do you have an email too long to read? Save it for later. Find a great quote you want to remember and share? You can easily highlight any text.

The bottom line: avoid workplace distraction and save all your cool Internet finds in one offline place. 

3. Evernote (iOS, Android; Free, in-app purchases)

Productivity meet pleasure. Pleasure meet productivity. This powerful note-taking tool unleashes your hyper-efficiency – integrating illustrations, voice recording, highlighting, image captions and PDF annotation into one secure space so you can stay organised and confident throughout your entire workday.

The bottom line: Free yourself from piles of paperwork and multiple screens. 

4. Nike Training Club (iOS, Android; Free)

Upgrade your fitness game and empower your workday with on-demand workout routines built specifically for you. Choose the results you want (Lean, Toned, Strong, or Focused) and your level of difficulty and it customises a four-week programme that works - complete with step by step photos, videos, timer, narrator and rewards for every routine finished. 

The bottom line: The exercises target multiple muscles in your body so you see peak results in no time.


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