Computer technology and software are so integral to our existence today that they penetrate almost every area of life. The IT industry has grown prominent, affecting everything from travel to food and work. Due to its ubiquitous influence, even those with little interest in technology have some familiarity with the most common IT jobs and roles.  

However, the tech field is dynamic and never stops evolving. Some of the newer IT roles are not as popular. How many of us can describe the responsibilities of an IT engineer? Not many. Besides, the dynamics within the IT industry has given rise to several specialised positions that offer great challenges.  

Why you should consider an emerging tech role 

What are the advantages of pursuing a niche but up-and-coming technology career? Here are five reasons why specialisation in IT makes sense. 

  • Excellent job satisfaction — Professionals in niche industries often feel a strong connection to their work. It can be highly motivating to work in an emerging field, where even small contributions can make a significant impact. 

  • Easier to advance quickly — In a niche or emerging industry, you can quickly evolve into an expert in that field to be the go-to person in your organisation for any enquiries relating to that subject. To encourage you to stick around, your employer may offer you tempting financial incentives and a fast track to promotion. 

  • Employers are more likely to hire for potential — In a relatively mature field like web development, hiring managers place a premium on experience and qualifications. In a new or niche industry, on the other hand, they are more likely to favour candidates with raw talent and the determination to learn on the job. 

  • Networking opportunities — Networking is a critical skill for ambitious tech professionals, but if you’re working in a popular field, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential contacts. In a role like crypto research analyst, by contrast, you’ll be part of a less populous but highly engaged community of like-minded enthusiasts, many of whom will be eager to offer you help and support. 

  • Less competition for open positions — Even in this candidate-friendly hiring market, finding your dream job can be tough. Focusing your skills development within a narrow specialisation will help you stand out from the crowd. 

  • Classic roles are in the past 

    Job titles in IT can be fluid with job descriptions often overlapping with various titles. For example, system engineers in one company may be called support engineers in another. Help desk engineers can also be called application engineers in another company while there is a fluid interpretation of jobs. The title itself does not necessarily describe the job responsibilities. The overlap has wiped out the classic profiles, making a recruiter’s role in IT even more important.  

    Our consultants emphasize the importance of social skills in IT personnel, an often overlooked and under-represented aspect of what’s considered a primarily technical job. But communication can make or break a candidate’s success in a role.   

    Although all roles across the IT field are in high demand, the IT specialists at Page Personnel in the Netherlands have identified two tech roles that are very high on the trending list for the industry: IT Support and Application Engineer. Jan Groenendijk - Senior Executive Manager IT, The Netherlands, says, “These two roles are currently much in demand within the IT sector. What’s interesting about both roles, is that it's not only the technical aspect that's important, but also the strong communication skills. The candidate thus needs to also have a well-developed social side to be successful in these roles.”  

    Another growing trend within the IT sector is that many candidates are choosing secondment, working in a section of IT with the intent to learn new skills and systems. Most candidates in IT with a growth mindset are constant learners and believe that knowledge is everything. IT candidates with this appetite for learning are also more attractive to recruiters. Recruiters seek out candidates who are talented at scripting, developing, and working on multiple virtual languages. 

    Emerging tech roles in 2022 

    Now that you know that the roles of IT support and Application Engineer are in high demand, lets dive into more details. The two roles are interconnected, and the first one can be leading to the other. It is common for candidates to work for a few years in IT support and then make their way to the role of Application Engineer. It is a natural career progression in which the IT professional goes from fixing things to improving things.  

    Let's start with some must-get trending certifications in the IT sector that you would be wise to invest in. 

    • MCSA
    • MCSE
    • ITIL v3/4
    • Azure Fundamentals
    • Modern Workplace Admin
    • ms100
    • MS365 Fundamentals
    • Cisco Certified Technician

    IT support 

    The colleague who has this role within the company is approached first when IT systems stop working. The IT support candidate interacts with coworkers from different departments and, therefore, needs to have excellent communication skills along with technical skills. These roles are hard to fill because they demand a level of technical knowledge.  

    This role has three levels. In the first level, the IT support employee understands the problem, checks the backlog, and tries to solve it. If unable to fix it due to the complicated nature of the device, server, or infrastructure, the problem is escalated to level two. Personnel at levels two and three are highly skilled, having honed their technical knowledge with many more certifications and diplomas.  

    Along with the requirement for the candidate to be able to work with specific IT systems and software, hiring managers also look for communication skills. The candidate should be able to understand the business processes and translate them to the IT landscape. 

    Top skills and qualifications  

    • Excellent social skills 

    • In-depth knowledge of the various levels of IT operation  

  • Ability and willingness to interact with company-wide stakeholders and programs 

  • Flexibility to adapt to a dynamic work environment  

  • Application Engineer 

    These are engineers who ensure that the business apps run smoothly, even after updates. The functional application engineers align business objectives to the applications used by the business. For example, the technological leap that enabled us to digitally sign documents instead of printing, signing, and scanning them, was the solution devised by an application engineer. A good functional application engineer can automate work in such a way that it saves a ton of time and effort. Most application engineers start off in IT support roles and evolve by improving their technical skills.   

    Top skills and qualifications  

    • Ensure smooth functioning, implementation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure  

  • Solve problems as they crop up  

  • Excellent people skills  

  • Optimize business processes to everyday usage in both fun and functional ways  

  • Navigating through the job landscape together 

    Our Dutch Page Personnel IT team has its ear to the ground when it comes to the changing trends in this industry. Tuned in to the latest insights from this sector, the Page team is well equipped to guide and deliver the candidate’s recruitment needs in the specialised and emerging tech roles. 

    This in-depth knowledge might come in handy because the scope of IT is not just a market. It is a whole wide world. The dynamism and ever-evolving nature of this industry make it a complex web of possibilities with many specialisations. Being aware of the latest trends and roles in the space, a recruitment agency would also be able to align your education, skills, and experience with the market needs, thus zeroing in on just the right fit for you.  

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