In the digital age, job searching is easier – and interviews have changed with the times as well. Rather than having to travel for a job interview, video technology allows for interviews to take place anywhere. How do you make sure that you come across just as professional in a video interview as in a personal job interview? Follow our tips to nail Skype interviews.

1. Check computer functionality

Is your Skype up-to-date? Is your laptop fully charged? Have you checked your internet connection? Making sure these basics are covered will help you avoid pre-interview stress.

2. Wait for your turn to speak

Ever noticed the delay on some Skype calls? This is caused by a poor connection on either side, and can lead to awkward moments if you try to speak over the other. Help the conversation flow smoothly by waiting longer before you speak to give the connection time to catch up.

3. Look at the camera

You will want to look directly at the interviewer – but fight the urge! Look at the camera and you come across as more engaged, because it feels like you are making eye contact. Remember your face is much bigger on their screen.

4. Think about your surroundings

Make your surroundings look as professional as possible. Sit with a plain background behind you, so you don’t distract the interviewer. Ensure the light source is facing you, otherwise you will be hard to see in the shadow.

5. Minimise interruptions

Turn your phone onto silent. Shut down any open tabs on your browser. Turn off any auto-alerts you have on your computer. If you live with others, make sure they know you’re having an interview to give you space. Keep your pets out of the room – the last thing you want is for your dog to bark or cat to jump on the keyboard!

6. Update your Skype profile

Being successful at interviews is all about focusing on the small details – such as your Skype name. Why not create a separate professional account, using your full name and a business-friendly profile picture?

7. Make a backup plan

Have you got your interviewer’s contact details (such as landline or mobile number) in case of a technical problem? An added bonus of this approach is that you will have an email address to send a polite follow-up and thank you message a few days after.

Still feeling a little unsure of how to approach your interview? Then check out the rest of our interview advice in the Michael Page Career Centre.


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