Cue the ticker tape and pop the champagne corks (we’ll stop short of a bus-top parade, I think): it’s just been announced that we’ve been named LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Recruiter for 2017.

We couldn’t be more delighted to reclaim a title we first won in 2015 (we were in the top three last year, certainly nothing to be sniffed at). The award recognises the top 25 socially engaged companies in the recruitment industry, with LinkedIn analysing thousands of data points for more than 60,000 Search and Staffing companies over the past year.

We are particularly proud that we scored highly on Content Marketing, Social Reach, Social Engagement and Social Recruiting, vindicating the hard work of not just our social media team but more importantly our wider business. You really cannot grow your presence on social and win an award like this without everyone being actively involved and all our people at PageGroup, from our CEOSteve Ingham, downwards, are actively encouraged to make the most of all the opportunities social media offers to the modern recruiter.

Winning on social is like being a sports team habitually going for the title. Even if you believe you’re at the top of your game at the end of a successful season, you can’t stand still and must evolve your tactics year on year. The approach that is successful one year won’t necessarily be so the following year, especially given you can’t control what your rivals are going to do.

With this in mind, we’ve definitely evolved our proposition and strategy over the past year. Whilst our brand pages will always be where we communicate our key messages en masse – and with over 40 years of knowledge and experience, it’s natural that we’ve got plenty to offer in terms of career and recruitment advice - we’ve put an increasing focus on our consultants being both ambassadors for PageGroup and also building personal brands in their own right.

This works through a mixture of serving our consultants a constant feed of content to share on trending topics across our disciplines – some of it generated by our in house editorial team, some of it curated from elsewhere – and encouraging them to create and share their own content and join the debate on social.

So, yes, the approach has moved on this year, but one thing that will not change is that personalised, human-to-human communications will continue to be what makes us tick at PageGroup. Whether you’re speaking to one, one hundred or one million people you absolutely have to be saying the right things and in the right voice, what we call ‘seriously useful content.  

Of course, the hard work starts now to evolve our strategy further and, we hope, win the award again next year. But for now, forgive us for being in celebration mode – maybe that open top bus tour isn’t such a bad idea after all…

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