Secondment of IT professionals

In a dynamic labour market such as the one the Netherlands, you want to be able to move fast to meet changing demand. Having flexible personnel resources plays a key role in this. Secondment for the IT department could compensate for temporary understaffing.

Find the best candidates

Page Personnel helps with the entire process, from recruitment and selection of qualified candidates through to accompaniment in the assignment. We train all our professionals, so that they are fully aware of the latest developments in the market.

The main advantages of secondment

Fast incorporation - No time-consuming search for skilled personnel

Experience - Seconded professionals have gained experience through several assignments with different clients

Flexibility - As the employer, you can adjust the size of your workforce more easily

Less risk - Risks, such as having to continue paying employees if they are sick, are borne by Page Personnel

No obligations

Although the professionals work for you, their employment contracts are with Page Personnel. So you have no liability as employer. Since our professionals can change assignment regularly, the work also remains varied and motivating for them.

Would you like to know more about the secondment possibilities via Page Personnel? Contact us for a conversation without commitment.