Do you feel confident about finding a new job? Do you know where to start your search and how to really look?

You probably have a few solid ideas on how to search for a job – now build up your existing knowledge with our latest insights on the ‘dark art’ of finding a job online - and offline.

In today’s digital world, many job search channels are purely digital. LinkedIn is the primary online platform that both recruiters and hiring managers use, with approximately 7 million LinkedIn users in the Netherlands. Having that said, not all of them use the tool efficiently. To learn how to make the most LinkedIn, keep reading!

Start strong

To get noticed by recruiters – optimise your online profile. Keep your information up-to-date. Give specific details of your previous roles and use industry terminology or keywords. Add your technical and soft skills. Include the languages you speak and any certificates you hold. Ask your current or previous colleagues for recommendations and endorsements.

Tailor-made job searching

You can customise search tools to align with your experiences, skills and your desired position. Use keywords relevant to your experience and skills and extend them so you don’t limit your search e.g. if your current title is Finance Manager, search for Finance Coordinator roles as well. Open to relocating? Then select various locations to increase options.  

Be patient and read with attention

When scanning job listings, take your time and don’t focus on the job title. Where in one company it could be Marketing Manager, in another it could be Marketing Strategist, Coordinator, or even Executive. Carefully read job descriptions to avoiding missing out.

Sign up to newsletters

Subscribe to receive job notifications from recruitment consultancies like Page Personnel, and from job boards themselves. When choosing filters, broaden your options wherever possible by using the same rule as you do with your search keywords.  

Connect with recruiters

A LinkedIn feature allows recruiters to know that you are open to opportunities – a button on your profile page you simply have to switch on. If you are concerned that your current employer may see this, think twice before activating. Although the platform does their best to keep this information hidden from your current employer, they cannot guarantee this.

Broaden your scope

Subscribe to professional online communities and business networks dedicated to your industry, even those on platforms such as Facebook. Regularly check feeds to stay current.

Classics never go old

Networking has always been and will always be here to connect people to jobs. Networking is not how many people you have on LinkedIn or say “hello” to, but how many close contacts you have. These people can introduce you to others, especially to recruiters, hiring managers or company decision makers.

To increase this number, release the social butterfly in you. Although it might be challenging for some, especially introverts, with little effort and practice you can improve your social and networking skills.

Start with your inner circle

If you do not feel comfortable immediately jumping in the events, start with your closest inner circle. Spread the word to friends, family and ask them to let their friends and families know that you are looking for a job.

Traditional media

Don’t be surprised! Companies still publish jobs in printed media. Follow national newspapers, paying attention to the HR section, and sector-specific and local publications, where you can see the opportunities and their location. Reading newspapers also gives you a sector overview, insights into companies seeking talent, and the latest industry news – helping you to stay up-to-date.

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