Supply Chain jobs

About Page Personnel Procurement & Supply Chain

Page Personnel Supply Chain specialises in recruiting supply chain roles at the professional clerical and support levels. We recruit temporary, contract and permanent staff nationwide for clients ranging from SMEs to large multinationals.

With a relevant background and extensive experience in recruiting logistic profiles, our recruitment consultants know what it is like to work in your sector, both from the candidate and employer perspective.

Roles for which we have successfully recruited

  • Logistic Planner
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator
  • Logistic Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Junior Supervisor Logistics
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Chartering Trading (Employee)
  • Onsite Specialist




Benefits of recruiting through Page Personnel:

  • Your go-to partner for temp recruitment
    Both employer and employee benefit from temporary placements thanks to faster procedures, more flexibility, recruitment during hiring freezes etc. For over 10 years we have been filling temporary positions across various disciplines and fields of expertise.
  • Speed, reactivity and a vast candidate base
    Thanks to our powerful information system, global network and our operational organization, we react fast. Indeed, our extensive database allows us to keep in touch with candidates who are not only qualified professionals in their fields but are also quickly available. Consequently, we ensure that we quickly find the best candidates in the field for you.
  • Professionalism and quality
    Prior to introducing candidates to our clients, our specialised recruitment consultants meet with them individually during competency based face-to-face interviews. Moreover, our service levels and processes are regularly reviewed by internal and external auditors to ensure best practice standards.
  • Specialised industry/sector knowledge
    Our specialisation by discipline and field of expertise enables us to meet and present candidates who can fully respond to our clients’ specific requirements.
  • Post placement follow-up
    Our recruitment consultants remain in touch with the candidates and employers throughout their temporary assignment or throughout their trial period in case of a permanent placement.

Latest Jobs

Junior Supply Chain Planner
€2.000 - €2.600 per month (€24.000 - €31.200)
Logistiek Manager - 3PL - FMCG
€2.400 - €2.900 per month (€28.800 - €34.800)
Coördinator Chauffeurs
€2.200 - €2.600 per month (€26.400 - €31.200)
Assistant Buyer (Consumer Electronics / Order Mgt. / English)
€33.696 - €42.768
Operationeel Inkoper (Industrial / 3-5YRS / ERP)
€32.400 - €38.880
Purchasing Agent (Packaging / 1-3YRS / SAP / FMCG)
€37.000 - €42.000
Customer Service Medewerker Logistiek / Logistiek Planner
€2.000 - €2.500 per month (€24.000 - €30.000)
Intermodaal Planner (STC niveau 4)
€1.800 - €2.300 per month (€21.600 - €27.600)
Transhipment Cargo & Capacity Coördinator (STC niveau 4)
€1.800 - €2.300 per month (€21.600 - €27.600)